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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. even the coast is going to warm up, tahoe an option maybe? >> record high there possible
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of 81°. yeah, still going to be warm. head out to the coast coolest today in the 70s there water obviously in the 50s. if you are lucky like i was we saw a whale, couple sharks even dolphins and a sea otter over the weekend. there's a lot to be had out there quiet now on doppler poorest air quality east bay valleys and hills and santa clara valley, 70s coast, triple digits lane -- digits inland. good morning. spare the air day, mass transit great option all running on time, no delays mass transit. stall santa cruz summit stall in san francisco north 101 at 80 split could be slowing into san francisco, i'll update you on a lot of events in a couple
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of minutes. starting today, checking out goes reese in san francisco, maybe about to -- checking out your groceries in san francisco may be about to get more expensive. new ban went into effect midnight. stricter. >> reporter: it is. good morning this say controversial new ordinance, a lot of people are not happy about it. the bottom line in san francisco is if you do not bring your own bag when you shop, it is going to cost you. this new ordinance did go into effect midnight. starting today, stores are required to charge an extra 10 cents for each bag a might need this includes grocery stores, also at department and clothing stores as well even local tourist shops, they will be charged people shopping there will be charged extra money. one group called save the plastic bag says it is not a
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nice way to welcome visitors by charging a bag fee. city leaders say the goal is to get -- eliminate plastic bag use. if you forget your bags stores will have either paper or compostable plastic. again it will cost you 10 cents each. >> if people want a paper bag, 10 cents, hopefully it is not too big of a deal for them. >> reporter: some say it could add up over time. five years ago san francisco led the nation by banning plastic bags at major have markets and pharmacies. today it joins 49 other cities by levying this bag fee. next year the -- ordinance will get stricter when restaurants and bakeries will be included in the ban.
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sue thompson, abc7 news. new this morning, 84-year-old woman being investigated for possible drunk driving after her car hit a head near the uc berkeley campus last night. a man in his 20s was hit in the crosswalk. reportedly in critical condition this morning. the driver was arrested on dui charges. coast guard searching for two fishermen who went missing after their boat capsized. this happened yesterday before noon. you can see in this video from sky 7 hd, 18 foot boat washed up on the rocks. two that were wearing life jackets may it to shore. a man who lives nearby let one use his phone to call 911. second survivor was taken for treatment of hypothermia. kira klapper is getting the
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latest and will give us an update coming up. mom accused of ditching her daughter in morgan hill during a shoplifting incident has an extradition hearing scheduled today in nevada. this is a booking photo of marcy keelin arrested friday night in hey nevada motel room found with her 11-month-old son and male friend. authorities had been looking for keelin for nine days. police say the hadn't began after she left her 10-year-old daughter with a cart full of groceries at this safeway. police say she was trying to steal the groceries and took off abandoning her girl. pg&e wants to alert people in the belmont hills about a pipeline test today between 1 on 3 p.m., near the intersection of highways 280 and 92, near that ralston avenue exit. crews will have to event the pipeline to conduct the test so pg&e is warning there maybe
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a gas odor in that area. california becomes the first state to been bacon verseal form of therapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight. the governor signed the bill into law pro hinting sexual orientation change for anyone under 18 or therapy that tries to cause that. the senator who wrote the bill says it stops children from being psychologically abuse. this morning arnold schwarzenegger will appear on "good morning america" to discuss his new book where he describes in bail his -- in detail his infidelity. he admitted to an affair with actress brigitte nielsen. >> was that the only affair? >> no, i had others. but, you know that is something that is obviously between maria and me. >> she knew? >> yeah. >> so it is a recurring issue with you? >> i'm not perfect.
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>> schwarzenegger has admitted to an affair with his family's long time housekeeper which lead to a son he kept secret for years. schwarzenegger will give his first live interview since the scandal on "good morning america" right here starting at 7:00. caltrain adding six more trains starting today, following a ridership increase over the summer two trains are new, the other four previously moth-balled due to budget cuts. caltrain rearranging schedule to give greater flexibility and adding silicon valley stop for 12 limited service trains. in june caltrain averaged 50,000 riders each day. pick a train car that has air conditioning. >> this may be a good day to take a ferry to work. at least it will be cool on the bay. absolutely. any way you could stay cool, be creative, see if you can do
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it. here's key to the forcast, visibility, everybody unlimited. no clouds out there, no fog, no mist, no drizzle, no rain, nothing but sunshine and warmer than average temperatures 50s in most areas by 7:00. quick warming, 30° warmer noon upper 80s inland 80 around the bay, 70 at the coast. triple digits by 4:00 inland near 90 bay, mid 70s coast slow warming trend through 7:00 with lower sun angle down to 82 inland 75 bay 68 at the coast. today is the last exceptionally hot day at the coast and around the bay school cooling hits tomorrow, continues cooling through thursday. temperatures will drop nearly 16 -- 16° across the board. today hottest day in the forecast. good morning. happy monday, so far, so good.
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relatively light no metering lights so far delay if you are paying cash at the bay bridge toll carpool lanes and fastrak moving nicely into san francisco, oracle open world will have streets blocked howard street, blocked between third and fourth for rest of the week expect delays south of market in that vicinity. southbound 17 earlier stall at summit blocking right lane, out of lanes coming into san francisco, stall 101 at 80 split, might be finding slowinging there. with all events, america's cup starting tomorrow, fleet week later in the week, hardly strictly bluegrass, waze app would be a great way to get around san francisco slowing through lombard coming into san francisco from the bay bridge. for this free app that will help you get around some of these
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traffic jams. :09. children and television, the new research that says leaving the tv on in your house can be harmful to young ones. >> could there be a shortage of diapers? the disaster half a world away that may impact global supply. hotel attack. serious accusations actress lindsay lohan is making i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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live look at the golden gate bridge headlights coming into san francisco, what clouds? what fog? clear start on our way to the mid 80s according to mike in that area. much hotter temperatures inland and south bay with spare the air day in effect. a lot more coming up from mike and sue hall. new this morning, just released study finds young children are exposed to nearly four hours of background television each bay. -- each day, background tv is when a tv is left on and nobody is watching. researchers say it is cause for concern because it is linked to lower attention span in children. there are worries that background tv could damage the parent-child relationship. this study appears in the journal pediatrics. weekend fire at japanese chemical plant could lead to a worldwide shortage of disposal diapers. this fire broke out saturday at a plant that makes key
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ingredient for diapers. as a result of the fire that plant is shutdown and other plans are at full production which could lead to a diaper shortage. producer did research that plan makes one -- 1/5 of that chemical so it is significant. the weather is going to be hot, almost any place you want to go in the bay area. a's game tonight, nice for folks in the stands. >> temperatures comfortable, we'll get to that, tell you how it is going to be. first out the door, 6:15 this morning, down from mount tamalpais clear bay, you can see down to about san mateo bridge maybe farther than that this morning. gorgeous. live doppler spinning, waiting for clouds to return, waiting for the mist to develop and possibly drizzle but that won't be until wednesday morning. let's talk about temperatures
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running from 48 at half moon bay to 73 in fremont right now never did cool off at least where this reporting station is in fremont most of us in the 50s and 60s around the monterey bay and inland mid 50s to near 60. this forecast cycle, hottest day is today. clear tonight, mild to warm temperatures, 50s and 60s once again that along with our afternoons will start cooling through the week. biggest jump san jose up to 90 four, san francisco 86, 101 yesterday livermore record high 101 today one degree shy of a record going to feel the same santa rosa drops one degree fremont maybe two still in the low to mid 90s threw won't notice the difference low to mid 90s south bay, -- 95, warmer in campbell, mid to upper 80s most of the peninsula, redwood city 93° today. low to mid 70s half moon bay
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and pacifica, upper 70s dailiy and sunset. sausalito 88. mid to upper 70s beaches mid to upper 80s most of the peninsula i should say east bay shore. upper 90s, dangerous weather drink plenty fluids if you are working outside inland valleys. [ unintelligible ] 90 watsonville, 76 monterey, here's that coliseum forecast, rangers and a's go at 87:05, 70° dropping to six i -- 60 by the end of the game. thursday around 16 to 20° cooler coast to inland cooler saturday, sunday. good morning. if you you are headed to the game, expect delays, 880 around the coliseum jams
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before and after. right now san mateo bridge looking good tail lights towards the highrise eastbound, headlights towards hayward.n8me8 roadwork, hopefully they will get that picked up betweens to -- elsewhere southbound 101 past lucas valley road, marin county nicely to the golden gate bridge fog-free and light traffic. out of antioch, slow traffic towards pittsburg about a 30 minute drive from hillcrest to 242 in concord slow out of tracy up and over the altamont, 25 minutes headed to the dublin pleasanton interchange. today is spare the air day suggested that you take mass transit, if you can. the good news is that is all on time, no delays for bart, muni, vta all agencies looking good. 6:18. >> 49ers bounce back after
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last weekend's loss. lindsay lohan says she was thrown to the ground and choked inside a new york city hotel room. the reason police are dropping charges against the alleged attacker.
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this is downtown san francisco pretty clear out there on our way to warm temperatures maybe mid 80s according to meteorologist mike nicco. that may be okay here but some places you will hit triple digits a scorcher latest on spare the air day from mike. be very afraid nfc west 49ers back home and back to their winning ways after a resounding victory again the jets on the road even back-up quarterback got into the act first quarter touchdown! first of in the nfl. things got worse for the jets in the second half, holmes
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slips injuries his foot, fumbles, defender rogers picks up the ball and runs it 51 yards for another touchdown. 9ers scored another td short run by hunter the 9ers shutout jets 34-0. raiders face manning and broncos in denver, manning takes the broncos 80 yards, connecting for the 22 yard touchdown and they never looked back raiders couldn't get it going. manning threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns the worst loss of the season for the silver and black final score 37-6 broncos. 25-year-old congressional staffer arrested over the weekend for attacking lindsay lohan no longer facing charges. the alleged attack happened early yesterday at new york's w hotel she told police the man flu her to the ground and tried to choke her after she
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she demanded he delete photos of her from his cell phone. charges have been dropped because of a lack of ed. still ahead, -- we are watching the supreme court this morning the important decision expected to be released in the next half hour that could lead to same-sex once again taking place in california. she is accuses of killing her romantic rival. the murder trial starting today for giselle esteban. >> reporter: two men still missing after their fishing boat capsized yesterday morning. coming up i'll tell without coast guard is doing to continue that search. high temperatures today from 70s at the coast, 80s, 90s, bay, 100s inland he don't see any cloud cover across the bay area or coast. 70s and 60s for the rest of the country, all major airports even out here, on time.
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live look at bay bridge toll metering lights oncoming into san francisco delays a lot of activities around the bay area this week, we've got a way for to you get around some of the trafficñ/&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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good morning. :29 on this first day of october. it is gorgeous and clear that's how we are starting out. hopefully you will like it. >> gorgeous and clear which leads to -- >> mike? >> spare the air --. oh! he's gorgeous and always clear about what east saying? >> whe work! mike! >> i'll take that -- he live doppler 7 hd with clear and gorgeous conditions no need to worry about mist, drizzle or any rain. how to dress? warm and poor air quality. watch out inland valleys east bay, -- mild at the -- in the bay 50s and 60s, 4:00 mid 80s to low 90s as you head inland
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we are hanging around 60° mark now we'll be in the low 90s to low 100s by 4:00 out at the coast it is going to be toasty today, 40s now, low to upper 70s with sunshine by 4:00. sonoma now, we've had wires down in the roadway for quite sometime this morning. -- elsewhere, southbound 880 at hayward stall jut cleared out of lanes. slow traffic up and over the altamont accident at north livermore, very slow traffic just over 25 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area. oracle open world howard street closed between third and fourth, delays around mosconey center, third and fourth, we'll talk about other events coming up and you will be able to get around them in a couple of minutes. coming up on 6:32.
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the search continues for the two fishermen missing after their boat capsized off the san mateo county coastline over the weekend. kira klapper joins us from the coast guard station at yerba buena island. >> reporter: the coast guard was out overnight searching just about 30 minutes from now they will relaunch their search helicopter to continue the search for those two men missing since yesterday morning. we have sky 7 hd video of the boat as it capsized washed up on the rocks this is just before noon yesterday. four men from san francisco were aboard, two of them were wearing their life jackets and were able to make it safely to the beach one was rushed to the hospital to be treatmented for hypothermia. the other survivor was treated for -- treated for shock and possibly a broken arm. their two friends still missing. the coast guard tells us they will launch their search helicopter 7:00 this morning.
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kira klapper, abc7 news. gunman still on the loose this morning after a shooting that shutdown a peninsula freeway for hours around 3:30 yesterday afternoon southbound highway 101 near holly street exit in san carlos this was the scene from sky 7 hd a red 2009 dodge ran often road went into the bushes nor of the exit. investigators state car had been shot -- shot multiple times one person inside hit all three in the dodge taken to the hospital. officers say the car had been involved in an earlier accident and they are asking anyone who may have seen something to give them a call. the trial set to begin today for the woman charged with murdering nursing student michelle le. prosecutors say giselle esteban killed le because she was jealous of le's relationship with her ex-boyfriend le disappeared
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may of last year her body was found nearly four months later in a remote area. >> in oakland pretrial hearing continues today for a man charged in one of the worst massacres in bay area history. one goh is accused of killing seven and wounding three during a shooting spree at oikos university. investigators say he was upset in part about not getting a refund when he withdraw from school. beginning of new era for grocery shoppers in san francisco who will have to bring their own shopping bags or pay up. shoppers can bring their own bags or pay forepaper or compostable bags for 10 cents each. next year restaurants will be under the ban. united states supreme court convenes new session today court watchers call it the most important docket in a decade. issues like same-sex marriage,
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voting rights and abortion are likely to come up. the first thin the court will do 7:00 this morning, pacific time, release a lift of appeals it wilt not consider. legal experts say california's ban on same-sex marriage is not likely to be on that list f it is the 9th circuit court ruling stands and same-sex marriage would be legal in california. governor brown approved or vetoed 58 bills over the weekend. ' a bill that will give some juveniles sentenced to life in prison, a chance to earn parole. the governor said yes to a bill requiring parents who don't want their kids immunized to sign a waiver. in addition, brown vetoed legislation allowing reporters to interview specific celebrity convicts in a bill that would have given overtime and meal breaks to domestic workers. 2ó recall" goes on sale
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today. he talks about how he ruined his wife. he praises shriver throughout his book, he also says he regrets the infidelity that i prompted shriver to file for divorce. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria. and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> your children? >> yeah, because i had to tell them. >> schwarzenegger will give his first live interview since the scandal on "good morning america" starting at 7:00. today is another spare the air day in the bay area. air quality management district is encouraging people to drive less, reduce energy use young children and seniors with respiratory conditions are advised to east up on activity outside. >> the days usually
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accompanied by hot weather. this time no different. >> let's check in with mike. east bay valleys, east bay hills, santa clara valley where the most pollution will develop, but all of us under spare the air. stagnant air today if not a little offshore breeze pulling back some of that pollution we usually event into the central valley into our neighborhoods. as fars what is going to happen today, -- as far as what is going to happen today, area of low pressure south, this is what is creating that stagnant to slightly offshore wind today. 72°, as cool as it gets along the coast at half moon bay, 87 oakland, even though it is not summer, summer spread 30° into brentwood at 102°. most of the east bay valleys around 100s.
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80s, 90s throughout the bay, low to upper 70s coast. monterey bay about 70, 76 news tuesday, wednesday, thursday temperatures drop 15 to 20°. good morning. monday, so far, so good, if you go through marinwood, past lucas valley road towards the civic center live look 101 southbound past the ymca traffic flowing nicely into san francisco metering lights on at the bay bridge, time to look at the sky because this is a bit of bake-up behind the metering lights. accident westbound 580 at north livermore, the reason for very slow traffic up to 30 minutes just about to get into the dublin-pleasanton area. southbound 880 at a, stall the reason for a bit of slow traffic through hayward.
6:39 am
spare the air day, it would be a great idea to take any mass transit all on time right now. america's cup starting tomorrow, oracle world happening south of market in mosconey, fleet week this is the waze map 680 through walnut creek looks good if you want to download this app,, it's free. good morning, thanks. 6:39. the important milestone putting google ahead of one of its rivals. trading underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange is straight ahead. >> first, live look at the big board, dow up heading towards 100 points. >> president obama and his
6:40 am
challenger mitt romney are gearing up for their first face-to-face the presidential debate preparations underway. we brought it to you live earlier this morning. hot pursuit through the streets of southern california the getaway the driver tried to make. ♪
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>> welcome back. check out heat, dangerous heat especially inland upper 90s to low 100s mid 80s to mid 90s bay low to upper 70s sunshine at the coast. live doppler showing dry conditions over the state and heat from 108 palm springs, triple digits l.a., fresno, sack toe, 81 tahoe, 87° in big -- big sur. we are proud to announce that $49 -- that 49,000 of you like us on facebook now all of you are eligible to enter our sweep takes to win $49,000. go to click the win $49,000 button that will take to you the paige where you can fill out the entry form. we'll announce the winner october 18th after the game. 6:44. >> time to check in with josh
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elliot. great to be with you. i remember -- big show coming up, including former governor of california join us live in studio, arnold schwarzenegger for his first live interview about his autobiography tells the story of a life from his childhood in austria, through his career in body building, movies and politics and of course discussing with george the extramarital affair with his former housekeeper that produced a son. also, news from lindsay lohan, now accuse a congressional aide of assaulting her in the new york hotel room the -- here over the weekend. staggering video, crashing a
6:46 am
plane on purpose. exclusive first look at a very daring experiment and lessons that could save your life in a plane crash. to you see it to it. also, cynthia mcfadden goes behind the scenes with taylor swift she discusses dating a kennedy and she will bring a new song you will only hear on "good morning america." >> another gma first, all right josh. keep on rocking. >> how are you going to fit all that into the one show buddy? >> i don't know. you are going to have to stick around to find out, it is magic. television magic yes it is. the first presidential debate is two days away. both are in high gear getting ready. president obama in nevada, mitt romney is in massachusetts. this morning new poll shows
6:47 am
63% of registered voters expect president obama to win the election. his biggest lead so far when it comes to expectations. looking at actual support among likely voters the race is closer. president obama leads mitt romney by two points 49-47%. i have absolute confidence when we get to thursday morning you are going to say it is a new race. >> the president has to be the president he killed osama about weather i think he can stand up to mitt romney but he has to relax. meantime, mitt romney continues to hammer away at president obama's foreign policy. in an editorial, romney calls for a new mideast strategy. see that first debate right here on abc7. live debate courtroom begins at 6 p.m. this wednesday. oracle president gives today's keynote at the annual
6:48 am
world conference in san francisco. last night the ceo ellison wowed 10,000 guests by announcing three new cloud-based products to help process fastest yet. just getting word that nokia and oracle have reached a mapping deal to try to come beat with google and apple an details coming out at the conference today. >> hewlett-packard will unveil its new tablet aimed at business customers for people who say they say need portability and productivity. hp trying to branch out into smartphones and tablets. the new tablet will be available next year. five years ago today, the dow hit all-time high october 1st, 2007 closed at 14,087. how the dow doing this morning? >> good question.
6:49 am
let's check in with jane king. you have a new milestone for google, right? yes, good morning. higher today, not 14,000, those numbers in a second. big day for google, surpassed microsoft in early trading now worth more than microsoft in terms of total value of its stock that puts google in third place behind apple and exxon. google shares $7 at up today. start of october, -- shares $759 today. monthly jobs report friday political experts keeping a close eye on. concern about europe easing at least for this morning, dow up about 80 points or so, s&p and nasdaq trading high. oracle shares watching them company unveiled high end server with more memory and
6:50 am
updated database. a company based in pleasanton getting ready to become publicly listed. [ unintelligible ] >> remember the drive-in movies? users of smartphone with play movies from a film projector on the hood of the car the don't do this while driving. your own drive-in movie or drive-out movie. >> this morning if you are driving visibility not an issue. >> visibility will drop a little this afternoon with the
6:51 am
haze and the poor air quality. good morning. looking at the embarcadero center looking south from our roof cam in front of vallejo street over san francisco live doppler no need to worry today about wet weather gear, mist, drizzle, rain can't have any of that if you don't have clouds live doppler dry now. temperatures still 71 in fremont, most of us in the 50s and 60s, exception half moon bay there at 48°. now 60 watsonville, 62 monterey, mid to upper 50s santa cruz gilroy and salinas clear sky today at the hottest in this forecast cycle clear tonight still mild to warm with 50s and 60s and cooling will start tomorrow and spread throughout our neighborhoods and forecast into the weekend today compared to yesterday 17° warmer in concord excuse me compared to average 98°, 93
6:52 am
redwood city san francisco supposed to be the warmest time of the year it will be 86, napa 94, oakland 8713° -- 80, 13° above average. south bay low to mid 90s in most areas, santa clara 93° with saratoga mid 80s to mid 90s, 84 millbrae, 93 redwood city peninsula, half moon bay warm spot, 72 cool spot, near 80 sunset mid 80s downtown south san francisco 88 sausalito low to mid 90s north bay beaches sunshine mid to upper 70s east bay shore, mid 80s to nine any union city, fremont, castro valley you need the air conditioner in the east bay valleys, morgan hill, gilroy and hollister watsonville 90, head to the water there 88 santa cruz coliseum 70° at 7:05
6:53 am
rangers in town, dropping to 60 by 10:00. dramatic drop in temperature tomorrow at the coast, around the bay wednesday inland thursday all of us dropping nearly 20° by then be careful today. good morning. monday, you see company if you are traveling east shore freeway in morning leading into the macarthur maze, metering lights slow due to earlier accident on the san francisco side cleared, sluggish across the span san jose 280 out of the downtown san jose past 17 into cupertino starting to get busy. accident coming through livermore a bit sluggish off the altamont pass, 37 minutes from the altamont into the dublin-pleasanton area due to this accident north livermore. southbound 880 near 92 accident blocking lane there,
6:54 am
slow approaching the scene from 238, here's drive times headed out now on 880, highway 4 out of antioch and there's your east shore freeway. 6:54. man driving a stolen jaguar at high speed led police on a chase in southern california it is being blamed for snarling traffic on i-405 even though the carmageddon bridge demolition project ended earlier. here's video where he tried to get way, running into an open industrial bidding he made his way into a storm drain before he surrendered when dogs were brought in. here's five things to know before you go: number one, a few minutes from now, a coast guard helicopter crew will resume the search for two missing fish minnesota. two others aboard the boat survived after it capsized. one survivor is hospitalized.
6:55 am
>> number two, starting today, grocery shoppers in san francisco will have to bring their own bags or pay up. the ban is now in effect. grocery shoppers can bring their own bags or pay 10 cents each for paper or compostable. >> number three, the woman indicted for the murder of nursing student michelle le goes on trial today in oakland. prosecutors say giselle esteban killed le in may of last year. le vanished in hayward her body was found four months later. >> number four, in a few minutes arnold schwarzenegger will speak on "good morning america" to discuss his new book where he describes in detail his affair with the family's long time house keeper that lead to a son. >> number five, another spare the air alert day in the bay area. both sides of the bay, gorgeous air quality management district is
6:56 am
encouraging people to drive less and avoid using gas powered equipment to keep ozone levels down as temperatures go up people with respiratory conditions advised to east up and outside -- to ease up on outside activities. near record levels in some areas, yesterday 101 in livermore and 97 in concord, those areas again will make a run at records. live doppler showing how clear it is, no flight arrival delays into sfo, oakland nor san jose. east bay valley, hills, santa clara valley, poorest air quality all of us unthat spare the air. mid -- under that spare the air. low 90s to low 100s inland. bay bridge toll earlier accident san francisco side fremont cleared slowed down the metering lights because of that, significant delay behind the toll. accident off the altamont into
6:57 am
livermore slowing things towards pleasanton new accident north 101 story road in san jose. tough drive this morning. it is monday there's 680 heavy there as well. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> breaking news from the nation's highest court. the supreme court just released list of cases that it will not hear over the next term,
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